Remote Reiki Healing £40

How Remote or Distance Reiki Works

If you are new to the idea of Reiki and wish to receive Remote Reiki as your first treatment or experience (because you are unable to meet me in person); please read my explanation of What Reiki is HERE before you read below.

Once you have understood what Reiki is, I invite you now to expand your awareness and read on to find out how and why Reiki works remotely.

When Reiki students qualify from level (I) to practitioner level (II), they receive an attunement (a passing of ancient sacred symbols) which opens their crown chakra to receive additional frequencies of healing energy. The distance healing symbol is one of these additional frequencies and when used, enables the practitioner (therapist) to direct healing energy to travel across any distance in time or space. The means healing can occur with intention anywhere, anytime and anyplace. It also allows healing to be experienced simultaneously in the past, present and future. Even providing generational healing (via family lineage).

When qualified practitioners use this distance symbol they are able to clear blockages from all dimensions of a person. Distance Reiki works according to an ancient principle called the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all made of energy and part of a larger whole. Invoking this law during a distance Reiki session allows the practitioner to link up to the energy field of the recipient and transcend time as we know it.

Each 1 hour treatment is £40 (the same as a physical, in person reiki treatment) and will require you to send me a voice memo describing your current state (physically, emotionally & mentally); a goal or intention for the treatment and any other useful background information. I will then perform the distance reiki in my therapy room using the chakra symbols on my couch to symbolise your body. I will perform the reiki much like in the video example opposite. You will receive feedback from me at the end of the session by email or voice memo, including recommendations for how best you can support your ongoing healing.

If you would like to ask further questions before booking please do feel free to email me or look at the frequently asked questions section. Please also consult your Doctor before booking this treatment, if you are currently receiving treatment for a medical condition – as some people can experience fluctuations in prescribed medication as a result of the reiki energy healing.

The Science Bit....

Scientists now believe that time is not linear, it is multidimensional. Humans created the concept of linear time to help us ‘manage’ and make sense of our lives. We know from Quantum Science that time can in fact be ‘folded’. Science currently theorises that approximately 85% of the universe, known as dark matter, is folded like an origami sheet. According to recent theories of physics, the universe began when separate dimensions folded into one, resulting in the Big Bang.

Also, under Einstein’s theory of general relativity, gravity can bend time. Picture a four-dimensional fabric called space-time. When anything that has mass sits on that piece of fabric, it causes a dimple or a bending of space-time.

I believe that the power of our mind, setting intention with belief and using reiki as a conduit can ‘bend’ time. It overrides linear time when I heal a client remotely, the higher being in me reaches out to the higher being in my client. No past, No present, No future…
Quantum Energy Healing by Bristol Reiki Healing Arts Sonya Wilkins
“After having an in person Reiki healing session with Sonya and really feeling the benefits from it, I was so interested to try out the Distance Reiki Healing. Not really sure how it would work but thought I’d try it anyway, and I have to say I had the same feelings and experience during the distance reiki as I did in person, I felt a light head rush when it started and some intense feelings in my body, but overall felt light and relaxed. After the session Sonya sent me an 8 minute voice note on WhatsApp with her findings and any advice for me, which is something I can go back to now, and she also sent me a diagram of my chakra energies and a picture of the healing colours she used with crystals . I would highly recommend the distance reiki to anyone who can’t see Sonya in person or prefers to receive healing in the comfort of their own home”.
Collette Warren