Which nourishing, healing treatment will you book yourself to today?

Treatments are sensitively tailored to your individual needs in the comfort of my beautiful healing space in Bristol

Reiki Healing with a Master Teacher

Reiki Healing Hand

1 Hour Treatment £40

Receive ‘Life Force Energy’ to replenish and balance your physical, mental and emotional being, promoting your natural healing ability. Ideal for anxiety, general depletion of energy or to support ongoing life management.

Reiki Boost & Chakra Balance

Charka Balancing Healing Treatment

1 Hour Treatment £45

Balance your energy centres using pure crystal stones to clear, harmonise and balance your physical, mental and emotional state. You will also receive Reiki while the stones are in place, giving a powerful and focused whole body rebalance.

Reiki & Golden Sieve Meditation

Golden Sieve Meditation with Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

1 Hour Treatment £45

Manifest progressive healing combining the power of visualisation, intention and manifestation boosted with Reiki. I will guide you through the ‘Golden Sieve’ mediation during a full Reiki Treatment. Ideal in treating ongoing ailments.

Cleansing Crystal Back Massage

Crystal Back Massage Tools Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

1 Hour Treatment £50

I use powerful crystal stones to massage areas of the back, neck and shoulders (over clothing). This is ideal if you are working with clearing past issues in your life and wish to focus on releasing tension in specific areas of your back.

Aligning Crystal Foot Massage

Crystal Foot Massage Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

1 hour Treatment £50

The feet offer a blueprint of our entire physical body, almost like a map, so I am able to use small smooth crystals to massage areas of the feet working on the energy centres (Chakras) and in doing so give the body a complete energy balance.

Focused Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy Rutilised Quartz Bristol Reiki Healing Arts Treatments

1 Hour Treatment £55

Combinations of crystals in patterns and formations are used to target specific areas of the body requiring deep healing. This treatment is best performed once you are accustomed to energy work. It is ideal for treating specific dis-ease within the body.

Clearing Crystal Womb Healing

Crystals for Womb Healing at Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

1 Hour Treatment £60

A unique combination of crystals are used to balance and heal the ‘Hara’ or abdomen. Ideal for women wishing to connect with their femininity, restore balance to their menstrual cycle and promote an abundant reproductive potential.

Crystal Five Line Aura Cleanse

5 Line Crystal Clearing Treatment with Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

1 Hour Treatment £60

A crystal pendulum clears and balances the 5 energetic lines of the aura. Additional crystals are placed within the grid to amplify specific healing at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Ideal for clients who wish to further deepen their healing.