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How Do You Climb The Mountain Of Life?

Using the law of attraction

Curious about how you are motivated to adapt and evolve in your lifetime? Would you like to find out how you can energetically ‘spring clean’ your life, so you get the very best view as you climb the Mountain? Join me, as I talk through a special Doodly video I have created to demonstrate this blending of theories…It’s both dynamic and thought provoking!

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Ignite Your Healing Potential

Using the law of attraction

In this podcast I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the host of the Mindful Living Show, as part of Spirit Fest TV. I share highlights and tips included in this new online course and discuss ways in which you can ignite your healing potential…

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Create Your Inner Sanctuary

Using the law of attraction

In this podcast I share an insight that has developed within me during the Covid-19 lockdown period. I describe how you can ‘Create Your Inner Sanctuary’, your own ‘invincible summer’ even during times of forced change, during conflict situations and uncertainty…

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Healing Treats for 2020

Using the law of attraction

I’d like to start this special year off by telling you about the new healing course and treatments I am offering to help you navigate what is going to be a transformative next decade!

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What Makes Your Ears Prick Up?

Using the law of attraction

We can all identify with things that make our eyes twinkle, our ears prick up, and our hearts lift. It’s just that we don’t listen to them so much anymore. Life is too busy and distracting nowadays. So, I thought I’d offer up this little snippet to get you thinking