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The Declaration Of Absolute Light

Gathering Insights Podcast

Do you want to ‘Act, Manifest & Pray’ not only for yourself, but for others, your community and our world as a whole? In this podcast I share with you 3 beautiful forms and frequencies of light. I explain how each one can be used to heal yourself as an individual and the collective as a whole in readiness for 2021!

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What is Quantum Healing Energy?

Gathering Insights Podcast

I explain what ‘Quantum’ means and how we can create more space in our bodies to invite in quantum healing energy and engage our natural healing ability. One of the most important things we can do is clear unfinished business in our past – but how do we do this and what influence does our imagination have on our memories of trauma?

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Ignite Your Healing Potential

Gathering Insights Podcast

In this podcast I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the host of the Mindful Living Show, as part of Spirit Fest TV. I share highlights and tips included in this new online course and discuss ways in which you can ignite your healing potential…