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Thunder Thoughts About Energy

Using the law of attraction

Tonight’s thunder storm was the perfect time to capture my reflections about this force of nature and how energy relates to our physical being…how does our aura really relate to the chakras and meridian lines..and what does this mean in relation to personal healing?…

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Healing Treats for 2020

Using the law of attraction

I’d like to start this special year off by telling you about the new healing course and treatments I am offering to help you navigate what is going to be a transformative next decade!

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Healing Patience

Healing Patience Image Blog by Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

As humans we all have an undeniable urge to fix ourselves and heal so we can then ‘get on’. We understand some changes may need to be made and seek help to evolve ourselves, but why does it take so long, and then once we heal one aspect another thing pops up!