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3 Ways To Change Your Perspective

Gathering Insights Podcast

When life gets confusing, confrontational and challenging its often refreshing to take a step back and change our viewpoint. In this podcast I will share with you 3 ways to change perspective. So that sounds useful right? But it can be hard to remember to do it – how can we do this in the heat of the moment?

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Navigating Change & Inviting Synchronicity

Gathering Insights Podcast

In this episode ‘Navigating Change & Inviting Synchronicity’ I share my personal story of adapting to the change of moving house with reluctant teenagers! I explain how I have witnessed my own behaviour and reaction to uncertainty, peoples’ varying opinions and reactions to the unpredictability of the house move process…

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Energy Management Routine Taster Day

Holistic Taster Day Bristol October 2019

I will be sharing my energy management routine live as part of the Holistic Taster Day in association with Bristol Spiritual Collective, in Bristol BS2 on Saturday 16th November. Enjoy an immersive day focusing on YOU, as you experience a range of wonderful treatments, healing and potentially life-changing experiences.

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What Makes Your Ears Prick Up?

Gathering Insights Podcast

We can all identify with things that make our eyes twinkle, our ears prick up, and our hearts lift. It’s just that we don’t listen to them so much anymore. Life is too busy and distracting nowadays. So, I thought I’d offer up this little snippet to get you thinking

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Healing Patience

Healing Patience Image Blog by Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

As humans we all have an undeniable urge to fix ourselves and heal so we can then ‘get on’. We understand some changes may need to be made and seek help to evolve ourselves, but why does it take so long, and then once we heal one aspect another thing pops up!