Craft Therapy £30

Art Therapy Creating with Clay

Craft Therapy & Tuition

My Degree is in Ceramic Design, so I have an extensive knowledge working with clay using many different techniques.  I have taught children and adults of all age groups and many with specific learning needs.  I am pleased to be able to offer this wonderful creative process as a craft therapy.  Clay is a very malleable and tactile material which lends itself beautifully to my portfolio of healing activities.  If you would like to try something new, tap into your creative side and benefit from the meditative experience of working with clay please book an introductory session.  From there I can tailor sessions to satisfy your individual needs and artistic and therapeutic aspirations.  I can accommodate any creative project you may have in mind!

Mentoring in Nature £20

Mentoring and Walking in Nature

Mentoring in Nature

My own love of nature started as a young child and nature’s healing potential never ceases to amaze me.  My mentoring sessions have the added benefit of taking you into the outdoors, communing with nature while I take you through a number of coaching style questions to ascertain where I can best be of guidance in your life.  My experience in personality testing, team building, strategic planning and a natural curiosity in people means I can assist you in finding the best path in your life; whether it is on a practical level with planning and organisation, or on a more personal level involving self awareness, communication skills or conflict management.  This really is a nourishing way to plan your life and put effective coping mechanisms in place.

Myers Briggs Coaching £250

Myers Briggs Coaching Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

Myers Briggs Coaching

Having qualified in MBTI Step 1 in 2002 and latterly in Step 2 in 2018, I am pleased to be able to offer this personality questionnaire (originated from the work of Physiologist Carl Jung), together with 1:1 feedback as a tool to help people better understand their personality preferences.  Having used this preference indicator with individuals and teams during my career as a people development consultant I have seen first hand the profound difference it can make, often purely by raising a person’s awareness of themselves and the impact they have on others around them.   The knowledge you gain from this tool can increase the effectiveness of all your relationships both personal and professional and raise your emotional development.