Welcome, my name is Sonya and I am the Holistic Consultant at Bristol Reiki Healing Arts. I would like to tell you about the treasure chest of healing treatments and self development I offer to help you realise and manage your optimum health and soul potential.

I will act as your guide in this process, helping you to untether from any past hinderances, so you can learn to thrive and live a life of abundance.

Over the years, many have used the term ‘catalyst’ to describe me because I point people in the right direction. I connect them with people who later become significant in their lives, and guide people to understand themselves better, enabling personal transformation.

This is an intuitive ability which I believe I was born to share and the accelerated progression people access as a result, can be instrumental in the evolution of their personal lives.

My experience as a Reiki Master and crystal therapist provides a wonderful platform for healing and I use this to structure development plans with my clients. Sessions can be one-off or as part of a regular programme depending on the needs of a client.

My ethos is to be a conduit for client evolution, a partner in their development and to encourage healing responsibility early on in the process. My goal is to teach, inform and empower; ultimately fostering a new ability in each client to self heal.

My Childhood

As a child I was always aware I was a little different.  Compared to most, I seemed more sensitive to my surroundings and the feelings of others. I lived with my parents in the beautiful village of Almondsbury, just outside of Bristol. Back then we were surrounded by golden corn fields in the summer, bluebell woods in the spring and the constant mooing of cows…


…I loved being close to nature and often spent my time playing by the stream, somehow never feeling as if I was really on my own. My weekend friends were my nine guinea pigs and I loved to paint and draw flowers, walk our dogs in the fields after school and listen to music by Prince. I also enjoyed losing myself in films such as ‘The Golden Voyage of Synbad’ and ‘Jason and the Argonauts’; always curious about the idea of magic and the lost lands.

I grew up harnessing my love of art, qualifying with a BA (Hons) in ceramics, and then later finding a synergy within HR and specifically ‘People Development’. I went on to forge a 10 year career learning about people and how to help them work more effectively in teams. I offered career guidance, coaching and strategic planning.

Along that journey I became qualified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Occupational Personality Questionnaire Testing. This further deepened my knowledge of people, personality and their innate behaviours.

During this time I started a family in 2003 and then went on to take voluntary redundancy, turning my focus to my love of art and creating with my hands. At this time I started to navigate great personal change and during a decline in health, while managing divorce, I discovered the world of holistic healing.

This was probably the richest learning period of my life, it’s challenges bringing opportunity for personal growth and broadening my perspective of life. I qualified in Reiki level I in 2008 and Reiki level II in 2009, this inevitably opened many doors into other healing modalities which are listed on my Qualifications Page.

To this day, I combine my love of creating art with healing, and offering these two processes to help people reach their true and fullest potential. I believe we all have a ‘Soul Contract’ and if I can help those who come to me, find the path that leads them to fulfil their own contract, then my heart is content.

I thank you for allowing me to join you on a journey of discovery about your wonderful and unique self, to help you unveil and embrace your highest potential in this life and beyond.

To find out more about my own personal ethos on the ‘Art of Living’ please read ‘My Ethos‘.

Sonya Wilkins Bristol Reiki Healing Arts